Bocce Builders of America Professional Consulting Fee Schedule

Design and Consulting Services

Bocce Builders of America consults, designs, installs surfaces and performs full installations for various bocce court projects across the country and around the world. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area but serve all parts of the country through our central offices in California.

Often we are asked many questions about location, size, borders, drainage, elevations and most importantly, the playing surface. Bocce Builders has patents pending on a number of bocce surface systems and provides architects, designers and end users with specification information which they can use to correctly design their bocce court projects.

Our focus is away from high maintenance traditional organic surfaces which cost thousands to maintain and provide sub-par performance. Our patent pending World Synthetic Bocce Surface and patented Pacific Pearl Hybrid Organic-Synthetic Bocce Surface systems are both state of the art in performance, provide for little or no maintenance and in the case of the Pacific Peal System, can be shipped direct anywhere in the world.

The first step in this process is the location and materials specifications. We have written specifications and cross sections of our systems which are provided free of charge upon request via email. We also have color samples of our World Synthetic Bocce surface system we can send upon request for a small fee of $25 which includes shipping.

Consultations and site visits are also available on a fee-expense reimbursement basis. Our standard consultation-design fee and follow-up report has a minimum fee of $1,500 per project and would include a report with site considerations, construction options, border systems and appropriate surface recommendations and specifications. Lighting, arbors and other landscape treatments are beyond our scope for this service. Out of area expenses would be added to this fee. All associated fees and expenses would require payment in advance. If Bocce Builders is contracted to install a new bocce surface or full court, 50% of the design-consultation fee will be credited back toward the contracted amount. Return visits will be billed at $175/hour including travel time.

If you would to engage in our services, please contact our main design-engineering office at 925-932-4108 or send an email to