US Patent No. US 9,539,490 B2

Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface System

The most popular all weather, best performing, lowest maintenance surface for bocce worldwide.  This system incorporates the best combination of organic and synthetic materials available and a finished bocce surface that is unsurpassed in the industry.  This patented 3 layer system incorporates a light sand colored fiber layer fused with a cushion layer which is perforated for drainage.  A second shock absorbing layer of kiln dried, vertical grain sand is then power broomed into the base layer fibers followed by the finish layer of a pulverized oyster shells mined from the San Francisco bay which are blended with oyster flour, other sands and binding materials to deliver the perfect bocce surface.   This surface has a natural organic look with the benefits of minimal maintenance, consistent ball roll, and virtually no dust. Your only job will be filling a wine glass as you backspin the perfect bocce shot!

Natural Bocce Fiber Layer

Pacific Pearl Fiber Layer

Our proprietary light sand colored fibered base layer is a custom fibrillated weather treated poly fiber with a combination dual poly fabric and urethane backing custom perforated for correct drainage. The spacing of these fibers is critical to the “locking” function of the system which allows for continued play without raking, rolling, hydrating or brooming.  Our fibered base layer is manufactured in 12' widths to accommodate most bocce court dimensions (custom larger widths are available).  Unlike the green synthetic lawn products which fade and break down over time, the Pacific Pearl base layer keeps its natural color season to season, maintains a consistent ball roll when all layers are completed and requires none of the maintenance found in decomposed granite, pure oyster shell or clay courts.  

Golden Gate Park, 
San Francisco, California
Pacific Pearl Base Layer
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California Pacific Pearl Base Layer
Net App Campus, Sunnyvale, CA  
Pacific Pearl Cushion Layer
Net App Campus, Sunnyvale, CA Pacific Pearl Cushion Layer

Mid Sub-Angular Cushion Layer

Pacific Pearl Mid Cushion Layer

After the base fiber layer is installed, the cushioned sub-angular sand layer is placed and power broomed into the fibers.  This layer is designed to lock the system together and virtually eliminate divots, dents, roll marks and other “tracers” that reduce the ability to roll the ball in a straight line.    

Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface System

Finished Custom Blended Oyster Shell Layer

Once the cushion layer is fully power broomed into the base fiber, the final 3/8” of our special oyster shell blend is placed evenly across the surface and screeded with a flat edge rake.  This blend is created at our facility in the San Francisco Bay Area and made up of pulverized carpenter oysters from San Francisco bay, oyster flour, various sands and a lot of Amore!  It is critical to make sure each layer of this system is installed level and consistent starting with the underlying base materials.


Our patented Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface System ranges in cost from $18-$22.50/sq. ft. based on a minimum 12' width.   Custom wider courts can be accommodated.   Yes, this is more expensive than organic blends.  However, the maintenance is nearly zero, the flatness is nearly perfect and the peace of mind knowing you have the best bocce surface on the planet is priceless!

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