Our bocce ball installations are divided into a number of construction categories and pricing schedules. First, the physical location of the court on a specific property will be a factor as well as the location across the country or around the world.  Although we are based in the San Francisco Area and have local crews standing by, we also work with partner specialty contractors across the country that we work directly with who can meet and evaluate your project on site.

No matter where you live, contact us to make your authentic bocce ball court dreams a reality.

You will only do this once so do it right.   Yes, it's possible to build a bocce court on a shoe string and a prayer, but the string would be thin and the prayer won't be answered so just do it right please.  Bocce courts have come of age.   This sport requires real engineering, quality construction and attention to details.  Today families are recognizing that they don't want to rake, roll, wet and broom their courts every time they play.  They also don't like the look of fake bright green grass that radiates heat to 130 degrees and looks like it came from the "I love fake green grass bin"  Organic surfaces are very high maintenance.  Yes they are cheap, but all the maintenance will leave you sitting in a rocking chair much earlier then planned!

The first element of pricing will come from the type of court construction and bocce surface chosen. The least expensive bocce court construction model would be a large timber border using a single 6" x 8" or larger, drill them and anchor in place. The excavation and depth of drain field or alternative surface drain would affect cost as well as any off-haul required and location of court relative to the access point. Because of its short life span and ability to warp quickly, Bocce Builders does not recommend a post and plank installation. Alternatively, the recommended border would be a concrete stem wall with a high quality weather treated mounted board that would be drilled, countersunk and bolted to the wall—we typically use a vertical grained, clear, kiln dried cedar as it resists the weather best and looks great for years.  Another high quality alternative is a single 8" x 12" cedar beam.   These are the best two border systems.

Take a look at our “Construction Pages” to see more details. Don’t faint, but building your court correctly requires a special skill set and experience…..real construction criteria, quality components, low to no maintenance surfaces and more consistent ball roll and correct speed is being demanded making these qualities the norm and not the exception.  Doing it correctly is also probably more expensive then you thought.  Currently the larger oyster shells need to be hand grinded down to a very small size which takes days for a single court.   Our highest quality hand blended Fog City Organic Bocce Blend starting in January 2023 ranges from $6.5-$13/sq. ft. depending on thickness.  For those who don't want the headaches of all the maintenance in any organic blend of oyster shells, decomposed granite, red cinders or clay, our patented Pacific Pearl bocce surface system is by far the highest quality bocce surface available today.  The current pricing is $22.50/sq. ft. based on a 12' minimum width (yes, this surface can be made narrower and wider, but 12' is the minimum you are paying for).  Architects specify this system on many court projects across the country and it is available to you direct from Bocce Builders of America.

In summary, pricing has quite a range. We also ship our Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface Systems worldwide and offer on-site installation supervision services. You pay for a flight, a few meals and a bit more for supervision, but you can also sleep knowing your court is installed correctly by a trained an experienced installer.

Construction Pricing

Please call for specific pricing on your bocce project.

Philip Park,