Proprietary Organic Bocce Blend


All organic bocce blends require a lot of maintenance.   Don't let anyone fool you or try to sell you otherwise.  Whether you use the cheapest decomposed granite, concrete fines or clay to more sophisticated blends of crushed oyster shells, with oyster flour and other binders, they all will require constant hydrating, raking, rolling and brooming.  Some function much better than others.   Others don't work at all.   We see some folks buying raw oyster shells and oyster flour, mixing them together and think this will work for bocce.   Very shortly they find the oyster flour is gone and they are rolling on a bed of raw shells--the oyster flour is probably tracked all over the yard and into their homes.  Yikes!  We also see some installing a thin layer of product directly over the dirt and in a couple months the dirt and bocce surface become one.  Yikes again!   If you really want to do this right, please listen up.   The only way to have a long lasting bocce surface is first to make sure the base layers are installed correctly.   No mater what the finished surface is, you should always start with a drain system, about 4" of a drainable road base material compacted and level.   Next, install about 1" of a decomposed granite or concrete fines.  That is the correct base system before you install any bocce surface--even the bad ones.  Do the base right, and the rest will set you free!

Ok, what's the best bocce surface?   No, not clay.   Nope, not decomposed granite or sand.  Not even oyster shells mixed with oyster flour.   The best organic bocce surface available in America is the Fog City Organic Bocce Blend.   Why?   Because the blend uses a carpenter oyster the size of your thumb nail that we hand pulverize down to about 1/8"-3/16" so you're not rolling on giant size oyster shells which make the ball move in funny directions.  Next oyster flour and a special kiln dried sand is added to the blend, as well as a measured amount of gold track fines (much smaller than decomposed granite), and a few other secret ingredients then tossed over 100 times in a custom bocce blend mixer and finally bagged in easy to carry 50 lb bags.   There is no blend better or easier to transport.   Some will send you a super sack 1500 lb bag of a blend they mix with a tractor in their parking lot using large oyster shells but what the heck are you going to do with a 1500 lb bag on your driveway and how will you deal with those pesky giant oyster shells?  Break out the shovels, grinders and wheelbarrows!  With the Fog City blend mined from the San Francisco Bay, you get the best organic bocce blend available.   Just remember, you will still have to rake, roll, wet and broom but you will love the surface and a cold one after your hard work!  If you're not up for the maintenance,  please see our patented Pacific Pearl Bocce Surface System.

Pricing:  We recommend 1" to 2" of the Fog City Bocce Blend after the base layers are installed.  One bag covers about 10 sq. ft. 1" deep.   Since earlier this year, all the oyster shells need to be hand grinded to the correct size of about 1/8" to 1/4" in size.  Each bag of our newest hand grinded Fog City blend is $65.00 plus shipping (add sales tax if necessary).  Basically figure $6.5-$13/sq. ft. depending on thickness   This can easily be installed by you, your gardener or the local high school bocce or basketball team---ie:  very easy to do.

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Fog City Bocce Blend
Fog City Bocce Blend