Size is another interesting subject. World Class Bocce plays on a 13' x 90' court while many residential courts range from 10' x 60' to 12' x 70' and many sizes in between. If you go much smaller, then you really have to change the speed of the surface so you still control the touch of your throw. I have solved those problems with our Turtle, Rabbit and Cheetah Bocce blends. Our Turtle blend is slower and more forgiving for the smaller court or if you don't want the ball to "run" too fast and too far.

From the book, Joy of Bocce (author: Mario Pagnoni) “There is no “standard” or “official"size bocce court in America.”

“For international bocce the courts and all equipment are standardized to the nth degree. Not so in America with its Open Rules. Whatever size court fits in your backyard and your pocketbook is OK. However, I do recommend that you play with the international standard bocce balls which are 107 mm and 920 g. And if you think you might want to represent the USA in international competitions, you need to learn punta, raffa, volo rules and you'll probably want a court that meets international specs (the English equivalents to the metric dimensions are approximately 90' by 13').”